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Deck Up Micellar Casein 5 Lbs Double Rich Chocolate

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Deck Up Nutrition Micellar Casein is an ideal night protein shake. 


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Deck Up Casein 

Deck Up Micellar Casein is a healthy alternative to traditional whey. This popular  “night-time”  or “slow-digesting”  protein is an excellent choice for muscle building. Casein supplements are a popular source of protein supplementation amongst athletes, sports persons etc.  This slow releasing protein releases amino acids slowly into blood vessels. It takes a much longer time to get completely digested and used up by the body. So fueling your muscles will be taking place. It helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Casein : The Wonder Protein For BodyBuilders

Casein protein is the other protein present in the milk. Whey protein is fast absorbing protein that is why it is ideal for post workout while casein typically takes 6-8 hours that is why it is ideal for night time recovery. There are different reasons why you should choose casein protein in your body building stack. Let us list out a few for you : 

  • High Protein Content : Deck Up Micellar Casein provides 24 grams protein in each serving.

  • Prevents Muscle Catabolism : This slow acting protein prevents muscle catabolism by slowly releasing protein every  time

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FlavourDouble Rich Chocolate
BrandDeck Up Nutrition
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